coroas caseiras

A, life sports
In our daily life is a lot of opportunity to exercise, such as commuting to climb stairs, friends to go shopping, go to the supermarket shopping and so on, are moving in different ways, the same can burn calories to lose weight, the effect of thermal control. So we can from daily life to find some of these opportunities, make their move, not a waste of time will not be particularly hard, can burn fat in the imperceptibly, shaping beautiful curve.
Two, simple stretching exercises
If there is no time to go to the gym, we can also use morning and evening or weekend rest time to home and do some stretching class movement. This exercise is easy, but also to shape the body curve, especially useful. Especially like yoga and Pilates in action, can help our bodies become more flexible, with breathing exercises slimming effect will be more obvious.
Three, high efficient aerobic exercise
Aerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn fat, we usually choose jogging, swimming, aerobics, cycling, playing and so on ways to help oneself to control weight loss. This kind of exercise intensity may be slightly larger, but also we need to seriously complete and long-term adherence. But they can see the very good results in a short period of time. Keep practicing aerobic exercise we will increase muscle strength, change the obesity, and make your body more healthy.
Four, muscle movement
When the body's muscle strengthening, so efficiency of fat burning can also strengthen the, the new supersedes the old. Progress greatly, not easy to obesity. Especially the relatively high on the body, want to create more healthy lines, special exercises is very important. For example, to shape the lines of the abdomen, you can sit up to complete the exercise goal; shaping the muscles of the arm, it can pass the dumbbell to assist practice.
Five, the static pressure movement
We can also through the static breath, massage to help control weight loss. Abdominal breathing can reduce our stress, let the exhaled air inside the body, at the same time to exercise abdominal muscles. The massage can relieve mental and muscle tension, and strengthen the body lines. We usually work very tired when, can stand up, a little about the activities of the body, prevent fat accumulation in the body, at the same time, let the body rest and relax.